Composite Telescoping Roof for Langstroth Hive

telescoping composite roof for langstroth hive
telescoping composite roof for langstroth hive
telescoping composite roof for langstroth hive
telescoping composite roof for langstroth hive
close up of telescoping composite roof for langstroth hive
close up of telescoping composite roof for langstroth hive
langstroth hive with a telescoping composite cover

Composite Telescoping Roof for Langstroth Hive

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Our Standard Hive roof fits all Langstroth Hives from other manufacturers and our Bee Built Classic Hives. Fully assembled upon arrival, simply swap it out with your existing outer cover, telescoping cover, or peaked roof.

The wooden frame is made from FSC® certified Sugar Pine. A solid piece of composite curves on top, attached with stainless steel screws, directing rain and condensation runoff. One side is a soft copper color. Composite easily reverses to flecked white on the opposite side. Choose which color you like! 

Providing supreme protection against the elements, our composite won't show age, corrode, crack or leak. Keep your bees dry, well-insulated, and safe from rain and snow, all while looking handsome under this roof.

Our roof composite is:

Corrosion free
Easy to install
UV and weather resistant
Not shrinking or expanding 
Maintenance free
Better insulation than wood

Available in 8-frame or 10-frame width. Meant to be used in conjunction with an inner cover. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Could be better

I purchased 10 tops. Many were damaged, though I was able to repair them. The ones I purchased were held together with staples. In the photos I believe they've upgraded to screws. Would have gone a long way to preventing the damage.

I have some additional concerns about the design. They sizes, which are exposed to nature and not the bees are wood. Therefore prone to rot. But the composite top exposes the bees to plastic. The smooth composite surface is also prone to moisture condensing, and does not provide insulation nor moisture absorption. Finally because the roof is composite and not just plastic, I don't believe it's recyclable.

I gave 3 stars because the roof is well constructed, attractive and I got what I expected. I could not give more stars because I think there's significant room for improving, and the poor packaging damaged multiple tops.

Tim w.
fast shipping

fast shipping and quality products

Greg G.
Not convinced of the design

First I should say I've been exceptionally happy with all of the other Bee built products I've bought. I bought 8 lids expecting the same quality. When they arrived they were poorly packaged and several were damaged. I had the tools to fix them but the staples were not sufficient to hold the wood in place. I was prepared to give only 2 stars, but I see in the product photos they now show lids with screws in place. As such I think the product, if shipped in sufficient packaging would be better, and I've bumped my rating to 3 stars.

The other 2 stars could not be given due to the overall design, and I did not think about this until after receiving the product. So I want to be clear, I more or less got what I expected. The problem is that bees don't like plastic, they like wood. The wood sides are never exposed to the bees so in reality they would be better suited as plastic, while the underside of the lid is exposed to the bees and should be wood. Further I'm not convinced of the insulation value of the roof and the smooth nonporous surface promotes condensation, which is not good for overwintering. And finally I don't believe the 'composite' is recyclable.

In summary, I believe a customer will get what they expect, it will be attractive and now that screws are used, it will be well crafted. But I believe it sacrifices sustainability and thoughtful design (for the bees) in favor of aesthetics.

Mandy S.

This may be an economy model, but it has all of the quality details and thoughtful design of the rest of the Bee Built lineup! The stylishly curved roof piece made with their leak proof composite paneling will let the rain run off, and keep the bees dry and protected. This is the perfect hive to start or grow your apiary with!

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