The 2024 Model Warre Hive

A Tradition of Innovation

“The People’s Hive” was designed by Émile Warré over 70 years ago as the product of years of trial and error to create the best hive for bees and keepers alike. We are keeping that spirit of experimentation alive at BeeBuilt, taking advantage of new technologies and the insights of beekeepers who have used Warre (and other) hives over the past several decades to keep improving the design. We think you’re going to love the results when you try our new 2024 model.

What Sets the 2024 Model Apart?

Sustainable Western Red Cedar Construction

A good hive starts with good wood. That’s why we use high-quality, sustainably sourced Western Red Cedar from as close to our workshop in Oregon as possible. Wood from close by requires less carbon to ship, and allows us to get to know our suppliers better. We also use lumber from trees downed by storms whenever possible.

The cedar that goes into our hives is beautiful, long-lasting, and we recommend it be protected with a couple of coats of 100% tung oil for the best longevity and a natural look. It can also be painted, if you prefer (just don’t ever paint or coat the inside where the bees are). 

The 2024 Model Warre Hive roof with dark side of composite aluminum roof panels shown

100% Waterproof Composite Aluminum Roof Panels

This high-tech composite panel provides maximum rain protection and heat management. Rain runs off the peaked panels, which are reversible, so you can reflect the intense rays in summer and attract heat in winter.

Natural Hemp Insulation

The natural hemp insulation included with your 2024 BeeBuilt Warre Hive is sustainable and is a superior solution for keeping your hive warm in the cold months.

The 2024 Model Warre quilting box with natural hemp insulation

New Base Design

You want your hive stable and up off the ground. That’s why our Warre hives have always featured optional solid feet or stainless steel stands. This year we’ve added an attractive and elegant new design style to the landing board, so that the style of your hive better reflects its artisanal quality.

The 2024 Model Warre Hive with sleek new base design

Viewing Windows for Each Box

You will love watching your bees at work and knowing how they’re doing without disturbing them or breaking their propolis (or comb). Each box has its own Lexan window, so simply turn the latches and remove the cover to view your colony without disturbing them.

Walnut Window Latches

The only wooden parts of the hive not made from Western Red Cedar are the black walnut window latches. These provide a lovely contrast to the various shades of the cedar and are built to last. 

The 2024 Model Warre Hive box with lexan viewing window and walnut window latches

Handmade in Oregon

Each hive is meticulously crafted by hand in our workshop in Oregon. You know you can expect high quality work and components, and you can be a supporter of local artisans and small businesses.

Shipping Now

BeeBuilt's 2024 Model Warre Hive is not just a home for your bees, it's a commitment to sustainable, satisfying beekeeping. These handmade hives are being made in a limited run for this season, and you won’t want to miss out. Go ahead order now: