Q: Does BeeBuilt ship to my location?
A: Yes! We ship worldwide. Read more about shipping

Q: How Do Returns & Exchanges Work?
A: Your satisfaction is our priority. You can read all about exchangesdamaged or missing items, and returns,at these links.

Q: Can I call you on the phone to talk about products, orders, or beekeeping?
A: No, we don’t have a customer support phone line. The best way to contact us is on our contact us page. We usually respond the same day.

Q: Who owns BeeBuilt?
A: James and Dana Dirksen in Portland Oregon are the owners since 2019. You can contact them here.

Q: What are the company values?
A: We prioritize high-quality beekeeping equipment and clothing. We are also working hard to have a positive social impact, and you can read all about that here.

Q: Where can I learn more about beekeeping?
A: We have a ton of options for you: 

Q: What does "sustainability" actually mean? 
A: Sustainability is very important to us, so we have a whole page dedicated to it here, but here's the shorter version:

    • First, we are always trying to source our wood sustainably. We get offers from manufacturers to move our hive production to China and India all the time, but we say no because they can’t commit to us that they will harvest timber in a way we can be proud of.
    • Second, we build tough, functional gear that you can use for a long time. We are opposed to throw-away fashion, and whenever we can, we source our gear from suppliers who meet our strict requirements.

Q: Ok, I got my hive. Now how do I put it together?
A: Click here for hive assembly instructions. Click here to watch our video on assembling the Bee Snug All Season Roof, which you can order here.

Q: I'm interested in wholesale/reselling. What do I need to know?
A: You can fill out our wholesale and resell form here. As of July 21, 2023, we have paused taking on new resellers and wholesalers, but we encourage you to fill out our application, and we will consider you when we restart this program later in 2023.

Q: AHH! There's a swarm of bees on my car!
A: Take a deep breath, bees are at their most docile when swarming, and a local beekeeper will be happy to take that swarm off your hands.