About Us

BeeBuilt is a purveyor of high-quality beekeeping supplies, products, and knowledge, located in Portland, Oregon. 

As of 2019 BeeBuilt is under new ownership and a new management team that designs new products for the beekeeping community and then partners with workshops and studios that are engaged in social impact in their communities and that facilitate worker empowerment. 

Our team is joyfully passionate about pollinators and our shared environment. We strive to create and source products that not only provide positive change for those who make them, but also maintain a healthy ecological impact.

Our new team is led by James Dirksen, our owner and CEO. 

James is a business person with thirty years’ experience who is passionate about seeing women and men around the world find hope, stability, and agency through full-time dependable jobs creating beautiful products. 

To learn more about our team or our beekeeping philosophy, get in touch.