About Bee Built

Bee Built crafts premium, sustainable bee hives in Portland, Oregon



We make the highest quality beehives from clear lumber.


We are committed to sustainability. We use only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified, Pacific Northwest lumber.

Immediate Fulfillment Guaranteed

Orders ship within 2 business days.

Socially Responsible

We are one of the only beekeeping supply companies with B Certified Corporation (pending) status.

Giving Back

At least 5% of our profits are contributed to organizations doing good for honey bees and other pollinators.

Certified B Corporation

How We Work

We know beekeepers care about ecology and the plight of pollinators. That's why we use only FSC® certified wood from the Pacific Northwest, and are certified FSC chain-of-custody. To us, it's illogical to harm forests while trying to help bees. We provide the highest-quality, sustainably made beekeeping woodenware products at fair prices.

All of our beehives are crafted at our wood shop in Portland, Oregon. We purchase lumber from neighboring regions to keep material miles low. We take pride in the hives that we build and are dedicated to bees, quality, customer support, and education.


A Note From Our Owner, Ed Shearer

I acquired product designs, mill assets, and intellectual properties during the foreclosure sale of Bee Thinking, LLC in June of 2017. I had briefly worked with Matt Reed and Jill McKenna, the owners of Bee Thinking prior to Bee Thinking shutting down. I was very impressed with Bee Thinking's designs, web site, quality products, sustainability values, and terrific, knowledgeable customers.

I was also impressed with Matt and Jill. Their inexhaustible concern for bees, nature, natural beekeeping, and their commitment to crafting the best hives available, continues to stand out against the incredible losses they have experienced. When the opportunity came up to purchase these assets, I asked Matt and Jill to come work for me to build Bee Built. I believe that with my years of small business experience and their passion for natural beekeeping and hive design and production, we can build a solid, sustainable and successful company for our customers, employees and community.

- Ed Shearer, Owner

Our Beekeeping Philosophy

Foundationless beekeeping provides honeybees with an ideal environment to thrive in, one which draws upon their instinctive behavior and methods.

Our first recommendation to any beekeeper is to research and read up on vital beekeeping topics such as: bee life cycles and biology, beekeeping history, hive designs, colony management, and innumerable other honeybee related topics. Without this primary knowledge, beekeepers diminish their chances of success, and lower their colony's chances of thriving and surviving.

Also of key importance is an often underutilized, vital beekeeping tool: simply observing the colony. Watching hive traffic and witnessing the colony's cycles of behavior can indicate signs of health or trouble and signal overall strength or weakness of a colony, as well as signs of distress, such as robbing and queenlessness.

Too often beekeepers fuss with their bees or take unnecessary, interfering steps in order to feel a sense of management over their colonies, but bees are already equipped to take care of themselves; they have been doing it for millions of years! Giving them the best chance at success by providing logical, regular management and an excellent environment to thrive in goes a long way to foster healthy colonies and genetics.

We do not use or endorse the use of chemicals in the hive whatsoever. We are focused on giving bees a healthy environment, and promoting healthy genes. In our own apiaries, colonies that succumb to Varroa or other pests and diseases are not increased the next season. Those that survive, we split from, and increase our stock.

As backyard and hobby beekeepers, letting bees do what they do best allows them to satisfy their own colony's needs by relying upon the myriad abilities they already inherently have.

If you have questions or comments about our philosophy, please feel free to contact us at hello@beebuilt.com