Medium Hive Box


Medium Langstroth cedar beehive box made in Portland, Oregon offered in FSC certified, kiln dried, clear, vertical grain Western Red Cedar (the highest grade of cedar available) or Sugar Pine. 3/4" lumber with comb joints and stainless steel screws. Fits standard 6 1/4" tall Langstroth medium frames. Compatible with other standard Langstroth boxes and equipment. Choose between 8 and 10 frame size.

8-frame boxes measure 14" wide by 19 7/8" long by 6 5/8" deep. 10-frame boxes measure 16" wide by 19 7/8" long by 6 5/8" deep.

Click here for hive assembly instructions!


  • Western red cedar or Sugar Pine medium hive box with comb joints
  • 20 Stainless steel screws
  • Assembly instructions