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For years we received requests to develop an insulation product for our hives. We've been very excited about the prospect of using wool as an insulation material, due to it's amazing properties, such as: breathability, R-value, performance vs. synthetic materials, etc. So when Backyardhive came to us with their Cozy Cover hive wrap, we were pumped! 

Hand made in Colorado from waterproof, breathable, UV resistant canvas, and insulated by layers of pure sheep's wool, this is the insulation your bees deserve. Forget plastic bags filled with fiberglass insulation that don't breath and look hideous. This new Cozy Cover is beautiful, durable, natural, and insulates and breathes better than anything else on the market. 

More about the Cozy Cover from Backyardhive: 

The Beehive Cozy is the ultimate winterizing solution.
* 100 % natural materials for the bees
* Watertight, Breathable, UV resistant Cotton Canvas
* Natural Wool from New Zealand is breathable and superior R values
* Wool inherently manages moisture and eliminates condensation
* Four insulation pockets that securely hold insulation
* Wrap around wind and draft flaps
* The front has a sewn in drip edge
* Bungees included for a secure fit to your hive
* Quick and Easy to install
* Fits Langstroth Hives, Top Bar Hives, and Warre hives (If your top bar hive has a side entrance or is longer than 42", email Backyardhive for fitting details
* Each Cozy has hand silk screened design by Corwin Bell
* Made in Colorado
* Use in addition to our Insulation Panels - If you have our Insulation Panels adding a Cozy Cover with 2 layers of wool will equal R20
(see wool layer R value options below)


* Cozy Cover only - you source your own insulation
* Cozy Cover with Wool Insulation (choose your number of layers)

More details below of our canvas fabric and why we use wool

"My husband and I keep hives in Minnesota and it's COLD here, -55F isn't uncommon in the worst parts of winter with intense cold snaps and sharp drops in temperature. The cozy covers were easy to put on and our bees made it through the winter." M Lynn Herold, Minnesota