8-Way Bee Escape Board

8-Way Bee Escape Board
8-Way Bee Escape Board
8-Way Bee Escape Board

8-Way Bee Escape Board

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Make honey harvesting headache free! Also known as a "cleaner board", the bee escape board solves a basic beekeeping challenge: how to remove bees clustered on the honeycomb you want to harvest?

Areas of the hive that contain honey will also contain thousands of bees performing myriad tasks. Before a beekeeper can harvest, they must gently remove these loyal workers. Rather than pull combs one at a time and brush off bees, only to watch them land on the comb again, the bee escape allows you to remove bees from your honeycomb without disturbing the colony. 

Place a bee escape below your box of honeycomb 24-48 hours before you plan to harvest honey, with the maze side facing away from the honey. Ideally you'll return to find a mostly empty box.

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Customer Reviews

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Taylor Bagnell
Well It worked still bees though Fun.

Great, They said you don't absolutley really "NEED!" it. It helps totally, its not going to clear them all overnight. make sure queens not above its good to also check majority of brood nest mine had like three combs full brood could a swapped out put below but guess population control.

Lisha R.
Bee Escape board

I haven't used this yet but I love the high quality of the item. Looking forward to having an easier time separating the bees from the honey.

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