Classic Hives

9 products

    9 products
    Douglas fir medium hive
    Medium beehive kit made from western red ceder
    Beehive Kit (Medium)
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    Deep cedar hive with windows
    Deep sugar pine hive with windows
    Beehive Kit (Deep)
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    Sugar Pine screened bottom board
    Douglas fir screened bottom board
    Langstroth Screened Bottom Board
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    Douglas fir Warre box with window
    Back of douglas fir Warre box
    Warre Hive Box
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    Western red cedar deep hive box with windows
    Douglas fir deep box with window open
    Deep Hive Box
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    Douglas fir Warre hive with windows
    warre hive with windows made from sugar pine
    Warre Hive
    from $429.00
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    Clear douglas fir inner cover
    Langstroth Inner Cover
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    Medium beehive box made of western red ceder
    Douglas fir medium box
    Medium Hive Box
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    Redwood Top Bar Hive for beekeepers
    sugar pine top bar hive front view roof open
    Top Bar Hive
    from $500.00