Double Jar Feeder


This double jar feeder is for use in Warre, Langstroth or top bar hives. This is our favorite feeder as it doesn't leak and allows for twice the storage capacity of other feeders.

To use in top bar hives - Place feeder in the bottom of your hive on the side of the follower board with bees. The feeder sits in such a way that the bees can still access liquid by going under. Regularly monitor through the window to ensure the bees don't build comb around the feeder, or drill a small hole in one of your dividers, placing the feeder on the other side. This way the bees can't build comb around it. 

To use in Warre hives - Add feeder above the populated boxes in an empty Warre box. Cut a flap in the center of your burlap/screen and place the feeder directly on top. This way the bees can move up into the feeder but not past it. 

To use in Langstroth hives -Add feeder on top of the inner cover on the top box and place an empty deep box around the feeder. Then simply place your outer cover on top. Refilling the feeder is quick and easy without any concern about disturbing your bees.