BackYardHive sells beautiful, handcrafted top bar beehives and beekeeping supplies out of Boulder, Colorado. Their founder, Corwin Bell, has spent decades gaining a deep understanding of the interrelated nature of a colony of bees and the bee hive structure that best suits their ability to survive. This understanding shows in their well-considered designs.

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When it comes to high quality Warre hives, these hand made hives from Rebel Bees are made from super thick western red cedar in a small town in Quebec, Canada. They are amazingly robust, beautiful, and meet all of Abbe Émile Warré's dimension specificiations. These are the best Warre hive's on the market today.

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At Bee Built we care about pollinators other than honey bees.

We looked across the continent and Crown Bees sells the best native mason bees and supplies for backyard gardeners and nurseries. Their products are made in the USA and sold out of their location in Woodinville, Washington.

The cedar used in their products is sourced from Canadian First Nations forests with the strictest standards for sustainable forest management.

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