Our Partners

Bee Built believes we're better together! That's why we take such pride in the partners that we choose to work with. Read on to learn more about why we're so excited to collaborate with some of these amazing organizations.

The mission statements below come directly from the organizations.




Haiti Projects

Haiti Projects is a non-profit with focused initiatives to empower women of rural Haiti toward self-sufficiency. We provide access to jobs at fair trade wages through our artisan workshop. We give women the ability to choose if and when they want to have children through our family planning clinic. We offer extracurricular opportunities for education through our community library. We encourage stewardship of the land through our beekeeping project. We promote leadership and gender equality through our girls soccer program.  





The Bee Corp

The Bee Corp is a Benefit Corporation located in Bloomington, Indiana that assists beekeepers through software and data analytics. Data collected from sensors help monitor hive health and allow beekeepers to make precise management decisions. The ability to recognize emerging threats inside the hive in real time allows beekeepers to reduce annual hive loss rates.





Growing Gardens

Growing Gardens helps people grow their own food. We organize hundreds of volunteers to build organic, raised bed vegetable gardens in backyards, front yards, side yards and even on balconies. We support low income households for three years with seeds, plants, classes, mentors and more. Our Youth Grow after school garden clubs grow the next generation of veggie eaters and growers! Our Lettuce Grow Program works with incarnated youths and adults, throughout the state of Oregon. Volunteers teach gardening and horticulture classes and work side by side with inmates in their gardens providing them with hands on gardening experience and a chance to help them grow their own food and food for their local food banks. In 2015, Lettuce Grow helped grow grew 300, 000 lbs. of food, and 52,000 lbs. was delivered to food banks across the state.





Schoolyard Farms

Schoolyard Farms is a Portland-area nonprofit that teaches kids how to grow nutritious food that goes from their schoolyard to their plate. We build working farms on schoolyards where students can explore where food comes from, how to grow it and cook it. The farms act as outdoor classrooms for students and as sources of fresh produce for the community. Hands-on lessons on the farm inspire curiosity, inquiring and improve academic achievement.






Sustainability in Prisons Project
The Sustainability in Prisons Project (SPP) is a partnership founded by The Evergreen State College and the Washington Department of Corrections. Our mission is to bring environmental education and nature into prisons. We conduct ecological research and conserve biodiversity by forging collaborations with scientists, inmates, prison staff, students, and community partners. Equally important, we help reduce the environmental, economic, and human costs of prisons by inspiring and informing sustainable practices.