Hive Management

Hive Management

Specializing in foundationless (horizontal top bar, Warre and foundationless Langstroth hives), we provide assistance to beekeepers new and old who are just getting started with Top Bar, Warre or other foundationless hives, where the local bee associations and much of the local bee community is unwilling. If you need assistance with your hive, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we’ll discuss the options.


Beekeeper installing bee package into a hive


Bee Built offers hive management and consulting for beekeepers throughout the Portland metro area, and phone support to beekeepers globally.

If you need hands-on help, Bee Built offers beehive management consulting throughout the Portland area. Regardless of the type of hive you use, we can help. Schedule an appointment and Matt will personally visit your hive(s) and assist with anything you may need. 

$85 for the first hour

$35 for each additional hour

Additional charges may apply for locations more than 20 miles from Portland

Contact Us and schedule an appointment