Your Exchange Claim Is in the Works

Thanks for submitting your exchange request. Someone will get right back to you to help with the process—usually within one business day. In the meantime, please take a second to read the exchange policy below so you'll know exactly what happens next.

Exchange Policy

Exchanges: Because we want you to be fully satisfied, we stand behind our products. If your product is defective or we shipped you the wrong product, we will be happy to exchange it for the right product or a replacement part. Shipping is expensive, so we always prefer to send you a replacement part for your order, if that's a possibility, instead of shipping whole hives. Kick off an exchange by filling out the form below.

Natural Variation: 
Please keep in mind that many of our products are made from natural components (like wood and leather), and natural components will have natural variations. We want our products to be durable, high-quality, and useful, but natural products aren’t always perfect. In fact, we’re very careful to use more sustainable wood with small knots than “clear” lumber which would mean we would have to waste wood.

Returning your Items:
 We may ask you to return the item back to us, and if we do, we’ll provide you with a return shipping label.


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