Victory Garden of Tomorrow: Your Garden, Illustrated

Our newest line of products comes from a brand that proves home-grown foods will never go out of style. That brand is Victory Garden of Tomorrow (VGoT) and they are reviving a slice of history with their graphic yet classic collector’s items, including posters, screenprints, signs, patches, and more.

You may be wondering what a “victory garden” is referring to, so here is a quick history lesson: During World Wars I and II, Americans were encouraged to grow their own food in their backyards due to wartime food supplies being scarce. These gardens came to be called “victory gardens,” and were a way for all Americans to enjoy the bounty of their backyards while also feeling empowered by their noble and patriotic feat.

This history of empowerment by gardening is what first enticed VGoT’s founder, Joe Wirtheim, to re-imagine these sentiments in a modern context. Wirtheim also felt inspired by his upbringing near Dayton, Ohio with positive memories of tending to his family’s vegetable garden and gathering together around the dinner table each night. Wirtheim’s art is meant to inspire more slowness, more growth, and more appreciation for the earth amidst our busy 21st century lifestyles.

“Eating fresh food that we prepare will never go out of style.” -Joe Wirtheim


Wear, post, or hang VGoT artwork as a valiant testament to your love of clean food. We are proud to carry garden signs, calendars, and embroidered patches from Victory Garden of Tomorrow online and in our store.





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