The Ultimate Guide to our Ultimate Hive Tool

Beekeeper pulling a honeycomb from a warre style hive. A hive tool is the focal point.

We are excited to be bringing back one of our customer favorites - The Ultimate Hive Tool!

Our hive tool is different not only because it is hand forged right here in Portland, OR, but it is also the only hive tool on the market that is designed with Warre, Top Bar and Langstroth beekeeping in mind.

When beekeeping with hives that use bars instead of frames, bees are likely to attach their combs to the sides of the box which makes doing hive inspections a bit more challenging. Our hive tool comes with a thin blade like hook at one end that works great for gently detaching the comb from the box. Simply position the hook to just below where the comb meets the side of the box and slowly pull the hive tool upwards along the side of the box.

Propolis can make a sticky glued together mess for the beekeeper, but it is healthy for the bees! Navigating a heavily propolised hive is possible but needs to be done with care. The flattened head on our hive tool works great at prying boxes apart but also makes a handy propolis scraper so that you can more freely move through your hive, and put it back together with fewer squished bees. Don’t toss the propolis, save it up in a jar! It can be used in tinctures, and skincare products.

Either end of the hive tool is great for separating or moving apart frames or bars. It is important to make space for yourself to work by removing a frame or bar from the outer edge of the box or cavity. This gives you room to scoot frames around and pull them out without hurting bees in the process (always keep an eye out for your queen!).

The hive tool is also useful before even opening your hives! It can be used to pack your smoker with fuel as you are lighting it, keeping your hands away from the flames.

Aside from the functionality, our hive tool is beautifully crafted and locally made. Beekeeping is a special hobby and we are proud to offer products that embody the uniqueness of a beekeepers experience!

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