New Composite Roof Panels

A Great Thing Made Better:
Composite Roof Panels are here!

Why Composite Roof Panels?

In the cold and wet months, beekeepers have no greater concern (other than food stores) than moisture and wetness. While we know some condensation is beneficial for bees as a water supply during the winter, too much can cause colonies to fail. Our solid composite roof panels have long been favored by our customers, They provide water and snow run off, won't show age, are solid piece composite (no gaps or joints), handsome, maintenance free, and simple to install on your Bee Built or Bee Thinking peaked roof, or Flow Hive Classic roof.

What Makes These New?

We improved upon our composite shingles by bringing fabrication in house, lowering the price, and using a reversible weatherproof material - one side is a soft copper color, the other is flecked white. Our shingles providing supreme protection against the elements, and our composite shingles won't show age, crack or leak. Simple to swap out and attractive year after year, composite shingles are an easy way to level up your hives and apiary! Dirt can be cleaned off with a wet sponge or rag.  

Mandy looking into a Warre Hive window.

The Reviews Are In

"These panels are an easy to install upgrade. I love that they are reversible, so I can change the look of my apiary without making a big fuss. The light reflected from the white side of the panels adds a lot of brightness to my partially shaded apiary. These are made with the quality materials and smart design that I've come to expect from Bee Built. They are lightweight, yet ultra durable and keep the rain out! I seriously love the new roofs!" - Mandy Shaw, Waggle Works

Sold out

Sold out

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