FAQ Top Bar Hive - 2024 Upgrades

Have questions? Chances are, others do too! Check out the FAQ about our new 2024 Top Bar Hives. 

What species of wood are these hive going to be offered in?

For our first presale of the 2024 Top Bar Hive, we are first offering Douglas Fir due to its durability, strength, and availability. The large Top Bar Hive sides and base mean the design benefits even more from the density and hardness of Douglas Fir wood. 

We will also be offering the Top Bar Hive in Western Red Cedar in the Summer (likely shipping in July 2024, but not for presale yet). Our Western Red Cedar comes from our farm in Oregon, and was harvested from fallen trees! Get in touch with us if you want to be notified when the cedar hives are available by sending and email to hellow@beebuilt.com

Where are these Top Bar Hive made?

Everything was made right here in Portland, Oregon!

What about my current Top Bar Hive? Will the bars work in the new design?

The good news is our 19" top bar is the standard, so swapping bars between hives and sharing bars with friends will be easy.

Can I buy plans for the new hive?

Yes and no. For our full Top Bar Hives for 2024 we use components that require a CNC machine which you are not likely to have. We do have a simpler kit which you can buy here, but it doesn’t have all the premium features of the 2024 Top Bar Hive.

Will you be offering a solid bottom board option?

No, because this version (with a built in screened bottom) comes with inserts you can use to make this a solid bottom hive. You can convert back and forth in less than 30 seconds.

Will you offer a Nucleus Hive for the Top Bar Hive?

Yes, we have plans for this and hope to release these in the Fall of 2024. Please sign up for notification here on the product page. 

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