Meet Our Mill

Our hives are crafted in-house at our very own Portland mill by our talented woodworkers; not at a distant manufacturing facility. This means we’re there for every step of production, meticulously ensuring that we get each cut right, each piece of lumber meets our quality standards, and that the pieces will last for many seasons to come.

Bringing production in house was a massive undertaking for us, but one that’s worth it. Here’s why:


When our product designers dream up new designs or logical updates, we can quickly create  prototypes. Having a full shop and skilled staff allows us to refine ideas until they are just right.

A skilled, enthusiastic staff.

We’re proud to employ local woodworkers and craftspeople who take tremendous pride in their work. Creating jobs for our community is something we value greatly. In fact, we are looking for new passionate and creative people to join our mill team right now.

Standards of sustainability.

We keep material miles down by using locally sourced FSC® certified wood that grows just a short distance away. We also transform our scrap wood into beautiful new products, reducing almost all of our overall waste.

Investing in technology.

We’ve recently added numerous CNC (computer numeric control) machines to our lineup of tools. These machines run on precise programmed commands, ensuring the perfect cut every time.

Strong team work.

Keeping production in house allows us to run this business like a superorganism, with each team member working together toward our common goals: to help the bees, and provide the best beehives and tools for bees and our customers. We know our commitment to quality and appreciation for each other shows in each of our finished hives. It’s what makes a Bee Thinking hive unique from any other hive on the market!

Watch the video below to get a behind-the-scenes peek into our Portland mill!

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