Small Business Spotlight: Honey Mama's

Christy Goldsby is the brilliant CEO and Founder of Honey Mama’s. If you haven’t had a chance to try Honey Mama’s cocoa bars yet, we feel legitimately sad for you. We seriously love Christy’s cocoa bars, her attention to quality ingredients, and insistence upon raw honey as the only sweetener.

The flavor of Honey Mama’s cocoa bars are deeply satisfying and the texture is incredible. Made from just cacao powder, coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, raw honey, and either sprouted almonds or shredded coconut, they are unbelievably delicious, fresh, and sweetly nourishing.  

We know much of the honey on grocery store shelves are actually a honey type product (either treated with heat and stripped of its healthful properties, or simply a corn syrup directly fed to bees), versus foraged nectar from plants and flowers. That’s why we appreciate Christy’s insistence upon using only real, raw honey for her bars, and her perpetual support of naturally foraging bees and their beekeepers!


Christy, how did you get started making Honey Mama's?  
I started making the Honey Mama’s bars for the Portland Farmers’ market about five years ago. I wanted to create something that was a total celebration of health and food, and my guiding principles were: 1) delicious flavor and texture 2) always only sweetened with raw honey 3) pure, simple, real ingredients 4) easy to digest and non-inflammatory. After one summer, we were off the ground running!
Why was it important to you to use local, raw honey in your recipes?

I personally love raw honey! It has wonderful healing and nutritional qualities and it’s actually the binder for our bars! And, I love supporting our local apiaries and beekeepers (and they all love being a part of the Honey Mama’s story!).


Have you gotten to do any beekeeping yourself? Would you like to?
I have been lucky enough to have visited our beekeepers regularly since starting the company and LOVE suiting up and spending time with the bees - but haven’t personally done any beekeeping yet. I would love to!

Your bars use only raw honey, cacao powder, coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, and either sprouted almonds or shredded coconut. Is it the honey that's responsible for Honey Mama's amazing texture?
YES! The honey and the coconut oil are whipped into a silky, fluffy texture before any of the other ingredients are added. The type of honey we use is key to this texture as well. We have a very specific flavor and texture profile for the honey we use and we have been so fortunate to find this in the apiaries in Oregon.

Where can folks buy your bars?
We are carried throughout the United States. Go to to find a store by you or to to shop online.

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