Big Changes at Bee Built

Bee Built is now under new ownership and management.

Running a small business is challenging work. Building a solid network of suppliers and manufacturers, providing customer care, managing inventory and web presence…the list goes on. Even with a strong mix of good intentions, critical thinking skills, and (ironically) initial success, businesses can flounder and fail.

As a beekeeper in Portland, who has enjoyed building strong relationships with beekeepers throughout the world, it was hard for me to watch Bee Built (and its previous iteration, Bee Thinking) fumble under pressure. I had friends who worked there and I knew their hearts, their love of beekeeping and the kind of community beekeeping can build. I also had friends who were customers that got stung when things at Bee Thinking turned upside down. Life, much like a beehive, can sometimes be a rather sticky mess.

That complex messiness makes me even more excited to share with you today that Bee Built is under new ownership and management! I’m joining Bee Built in a new role as the Chief Beekeeping and Product Design officer. In partnership with our new owner, I’m very much looking forward to bringing Bee Built into the future. While we can’t go back in time and undo what’s been done, we are committed to earning your trust as we move into this new chapter. 

In the coming days and weeks we’ll be sharing with you some of the values that will be guiding our new company culture. We’ll explain why we take the time to try to find ethically sourced goods as much as possible, even when it’s not as cost efficient. And of course, we’ll be sharing with you more about why we love bees and beekeeping, and why we’re so excited about being a part of this new chapter in the Bee Built Story.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey. I know that some of you may still be struggling with past experiences. If that’s you, we’d love it if you reached out to us. In fact, our new owner, James Dirksen, would be honored if you would email him directly so that we can, hopefully, find a way forward. You can reach James at

I’ll be back in your inbox soon with some of the exciting new changes coming to Bee Built. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch, plan your first hive, or increase your beekeeping knowledge

Buzzing with love and hope for the future


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