Weed of the Month: Dandelion


Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”- A.A. Milne




Photo from realnatural.org 


The dandelion has classically been considered a weed but, unbeknownst to many gardeners, these sweet yellow flowers are some of the first food of the year for bees. Their blossoms are often the first to appear when spring has arrived, and they can be found growing almost anywhere that humans thrive in North America. Bees have no problem finding beneficial uses for this underrated plant and, given the health-boosting properties dandelions can have for humans, it seems that we should take a tip from them!



Photo from plantcurator.com


From the flower to the roots, every part of Taraxacum officinale can benefit the health and vitality of humans. Dandelion leaves are a top-notch digestive bitter, so feel free to toss them into that spring green salad for digestive support. Their roots detoxify the liver and, when roasted, make a delicious tea. Their flower heads, besides serving as great source of nectar for bees, can also be harvested to make delicious homebrewed dandelion wine. For the dandelions that you don’t harvest, we encourage you to allow these sunny flowers to flourish for the bees until they turn into fluffy wishes!

A bee friendly reminder: never use herbicides. These toxins are part of the reason why honey bees and native pollinators are struggling for survival. Either let them grow wild and free or pay that neighborhood kid a buck to weed them for you.

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