Hive Highlight: Brittanie


We take pride in the hives that we build and are dedicated to offering exceptional support for our customers, however neither of these things would be possible without each and every worker bee in our hive. 



Name: Brittanie


Age: 22


Colony hierarchy: Warehouse Associate


Are you a beekeeper or a bee lover?

Bee lover, of course!


What initially interested you most about the company?  

I’m very interested in saving the bees. I’d heard a lot about colony collapse disorder and, although I’m not a beekeeper, felt this was a good way to help the cause.  I also really enjoy working in a warehouse full of cedar.  I’m used to it now, but when I first started it was super strong--I love the smell!

How much honey do you eat every week?

Probably about a tablespoon, it’s perfect as a light spread on my toast!

Who’s your favorite queen bee?

Madonna has always been my main girl. I really appreciate how influential she has been in modern culture, especially in the realm of female expression. I definitely feel more empowered because of her.

What do you enjoy about working in the warehouse?

The work environment is awesome. The collective group has a positive energy, and everyone gets along really well.

What fascinates you most about bees?

How they all work together! Scout bees are particularly fascinating, the way they work together to find new things to forage. They make a great family.

What do you do for fun outside of Bee Thinking?

Netflix and chill, for sure. I also enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction.  

What do you think bees dream about?

Making their queen happy [laughs].




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