The Final Touches Remain

Two nights ago I picked up 170 linear feet of Cedar -- Upon arriving home and stickering it it looked like this:

After today's work it looks like this:

Today I completed the body of the final top bar hive, in addition to 12 more Warre boxes, bringing the total to 31 boxes. This should be enough for the 10 Warre hives until the nectar flow is really going. At this point I need to focus on building roofs, floors, top bars, windows and other miscellaneous portions of the hives so that they are ready to be in place at the wineries by the first week of April.

Today's images:

Soon to be 12 Warre boxes:


The last top bar hive on the assembly line:

A lot of warre boxes, most awaiting handles and bars:

The first top bar hive in place at headquarters:

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