Melting Wax Easily

For a month I read, pondered, tested and finally decided on what seems to be the ideal, cost-effecive, clean method of melting and applying wax to top bars and anything else; the Presto Kitchen Kettle!

Simply put in a chunk of wax, set the kettle to warm and within a minute or two you are left with a beautiful puddle of wax that can easily be poured, painted or applied in any fashion you desire.

The first 200 top bars that we made for the 10 top bar hives were completed using the painstaking heat-wax-and-kneel-by-the-oven method. The kitchen kettle can be placed anywhere -- even in one's shop or outdoors and it never gets the wax too hot. You can find one of these for approximately $30 at most stores.

My decision to go with this wax melting tool was inspired by this site:

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