How to Assemble Frames

Our frames come with 8 nails for assembly. 4 long nails, and 4 shorter nails. To expedite the process, we recommend fitting the individual pieces together for all the frames and then nailing each frame. To make it go even quicker, use a compressor and stapler with 1/2"-long crown staples. 
  1. Attach the frame sides to the top (the top bar of the frame has a wedge on it).
  2. Using the long nails, nail one down through each end of the top bar into the sides.
  3. Using long nails, nail one through the side of the frame into the top bar. Do the same to the other side. This will ensure that the frame doesn't pull apart once its glued in by the bees with propolis.
4. Attach the bottom bar to the frame sides.
5. Using short nails, put one nail into each "leg" of the bottom bar, affixing it to the frame sides. 
That's it. You're done!