Composite Roof Panels

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We improved upon our shingles by bringing fabrication in house to improve quality and lower price. These beautiful panels are made of aluminum composite and feature reversible weatherproof material. One side is a soft copper color, the other is flecked white; you can choose which to face out.

Providing supreme protection against the elements, our composite won't show age, corrode, crack or leak. Keep your bees dry, well-insulated, and safe from rain and snow, all while looking handsome under these copper or white panels -- you choose the color. If the panels ever get dirty, simply wipe off with a sponge or wet cloth.

Super easy to install, simply remove your old wooden panels and replace using the included stainless steel screws and Western Red Cedar ridge cap. 

Material: Aluminum composite
Color: Copper, reverse flecked white
Fits: Bee Built Langstroth, Warre, and Top Bar Hive. Fits Bee Thinking peaked Langstroth and Warre roof.

Installation time: 10 minutes


Langstroth: 23½" long by 10" wide

Warre: 18" long by 9" wide

Top bar: 45" long by 10 ¾" wide

Includes Aluminum composite panels in selected size, 10 stainless steel screws, and a western red cedar ridge cap.

Roof not included, but Langstroth peaked roofs and Warre roofs are available to purchase and fit perfectly under these composite roof panels. 

Panels also available to fit Flow Hive Classic.

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    Steve N.
    United States
    Composite Roof Panels

    I bought the roof panels to replace the roof on a garden hive cover that I had built. It was easy to install and looks nice. I think it will be more durable than what I had built.

    Matthew D.
    United States
    Slight edge damage

    The panels arrived with slight damage to the edges. Both panels, two spots on each. Basically just cosmetic, but it occurred before it was packed. The box was undamaged. Other than that, everything else was fine.

    Holly P.
    United States
    Nice new roof

    The new roof looks nice. I had not purchased my previous roof from Bee Built so the shape was a bit different (pointy peak vs topped off/level peak) and did not all connect but I was able to make it work.

    Mandy S.

    These panels are an easy to install upgrade. I love that they are reversible, so I can change the look of my apiary without making a big fuss. The light reflected from the white side of the panels adds a lot of brightness to my partially shaded apiary. These are made with the quality materials and smart design that I've come to expect from Bee Built. They are lightweight, yet ultra durable and keep the rain out! Thank you --- I seriously love the new roofs!!!!

    Adam S.
    Looks great

    I have purchased these for two hives and I am quite pleased with the quality. You can install them on top of the wooden peaked roof panels if you wish, as long as you countersink the pre-existing screws in the wooden roof panels to make them flush. The new top bar can be installed directly on top of the old top bar with some longer, self-provided screws. My only complaint is that both times I have ordered them, they have shipped with only 4 screws to attach the panels instead of 8 (4 are required per panel), however they were happy to send me the missing screws free of charge when I called.