October 29, 2021

One of the most simple and effective tools that we use as beekeepers is the mighty smoker!

Why not show your smoker some love by decorating it with your favorite inspirations for bees and beekeeping?

Our European Style Smoker features a clean wooden bellow that is the perfect canvas for your creation! Our smoker collage kit comes with a smoker, Decoupage and a brush to get you started.

Flip through your favorite magazines and cut out pictures or phrases that are meaningful to you. Photographs, postcards, old calendars, and fabric all make for perfect collage media. Set them aside until you have collected enough to cover your smoker bellow.

The beauty of collage arts is that you can lay out your chosen images in different configurations until they are arranged exactly how you want them.

Once you decide on a design, simply coat the wooden surface with a thin layer of Decoupage and begin layering your images onto it.

Continue to add thin layers of Decoupage over your clippings until they are secure, flat, and fully coated. Keep in mind that Decoupage is a very wet medium, so when using thin paper like magazine clippings, it is important to apply the Decoupage very thinly to prevent your images from rippling. You can even apply the Decoupage and allow it to become tacky before adhering to the images. Photos and card stock don’t ripple as easily as magazine paper does so you can apply the Decoupage a little more liberally.

Allow your work of art to dry, and then add another thin layer of Decoupage and pictures if you like, which will help seal your images and protect them from the elements.

If you feel the creativity flowing, you can add elements of colored pencils or non-water soluble ink or paint once your creation is completely dry. Add another layer of Decoupage to create a lasting seal for your work of art.

One of the coolest things about collage art is that it is all about layering, and our smoker bellows offer a surface sturdy enough to handle multiple layers of media. If you don’t like how one spot turned out, add another layer and you might just discover that to be the perfect element that your work of art needed. You can give your smoker a complete makeover each season by simply sanding down the surface to smooth the edges of your previous collage, giving it a coat of paint or primer, and adding your new look!

Written by Amanda Shaw

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