FAQ Top Bar Hive - The Talk About Our New Top Bar Hives!


Have questions? Chances are, others do too! Check out the FAQ about our new Top Bar Hives. 

Which other woods will this be offered in?

For now we will be working with douglas fir due to its durability, strength, and availability. The large TBH sides and shingles mean the design benefits even more from the density and hardness of doug fir wood. We will also be offering the TBH in sugar pine in spring, though we aren't sure on the exact date, as we are focused on producing the douglas fir! If douglas fir is new to you, check out this handy table to compare it to our other woods: (link to table)

We will also be offering the TBH in western red cedar, but likely not until late spring. As you may know, the U.S. has imposed an increased 20% tariff on cedar from Canada. Our western red cedar comes from the Pacific Northwest and Cascadia, often including Canada. Cedar prices are going up significantly and when we do offer western red cedar, it will be with a price increase. We are researching alternative lumber and have some solid leads on beautiful, FSC certified woods we'd like to work with!


What about my current TBH, which is the old design? Will the bars work in the new design?

We are developing a modification for existing bars so that they may be used in both the old and the new hive, interchangeably. The good news is, the 19" top bar we are now producing is considered a standard so sharing bars with friends will be easier than before!


Can I buy plans for the new hive?

At this time we do not offer plans, as some of the main hive components require a CNC machine, which very few home woodworkers likely have. We will be considering how to get a set of plans available to diy and home woodworking enthusiasts this year!

How long will you support the old design with parts?

Top bars, copper roofs and divider boards will be available until January 31, 2019.

Will you be offering a solid bottom board option?

We anticipate this will be available in 6-8 weeks around early to mid March 2018.

Will you offer a copper roof add-on for the new hive?

We anticipate this will be available in 6-8 weeks around early to mid March 2018.


Will you offer a Nucleus Hive for the TBH?

Yes, we have plans for this and hope to release soon. Please sign up for notification here on the product page. 

When will replacement parts for the older design be available?

We anticipate these will be available in 6-8 weeks from today, around early to mid March 2018. If you need something before then, email us at hello@beebuilt.com.


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